Storage of milled and ground plates for immediate delivery

With dimensions up to 2 x 5 m, thickness up to 250 mm and a stock of several thousand tons of various materials, you can always count on our flexibility and supply readiness.

If it is urgent, orders that you order through our hotline or the new web shop, will be done within 24 hours.

Of course, HABA also produces each intermediate measure and any special size just as you need it in record time.

EN 10204 and 3.1-certificates are also available on request.


Motek Messe // Deutschland

Motek, Intl. Fachmesse für Produktions- und Montageautomatisierung.

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FMB Süd Messe // Deutschland

FMB Süd, die Zuliefermesse für den Maschinenbau.

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